Who we are

The book is the only inanimate object that can have dreams.

Ennio Flaiano

Since the founding of Lito Terrazzi in 1967, we have place one objective above all others: to enhance every single printed product.

Today too, we carry on this philosophy by putting care and attention into every phase of production, selecting top-quality materials and using only the latest generation machines.

Thanks to years of national and international experience with the best publishers and most important Italian and European industrial groups, we are able to directly manage a project in all its phases, from pre-printing to binding.

Lito Terrazzi is the ideal solution for any printing need: a competitive and innovative graphics agency that always provides excellent quality.

Social Responsibility

For us, social responsibility means considering our employees as a strategic resource, guaranteeing respect for their rights and promoting their personal and professional development; it means considering our suppliers as active partners in the company’s growth, promoting collaboration and interaction; and the clients as a fundamental element of success.
Social responsibility policy.